Flower Preservation

Your wedding flowers will be professionally & artistically preserved! When I receive your fresh flowers, I measure the bouquets and make detailed notes. I also take many photos of its construction. I then take your bouquet apart and carefully begin the preservation process. I preserve each and every flower and foliage. It takes great patience to complete each of the keepsakes, but I personally find great pleasure in seeing the outcome of all the beautifully preserved flowers. And if the flowers are looked after properly, they will last a lifetime!

Pressed Petal Art

Pressed Wedding Flowers

If you've chosen to have your bouquet pressed, the bouquet is taken apart, the flowers are pressed, and then they are rearranged. Even though the flowers will be flattened, the original silhouette of the bouquet will be achieved. The price will depend on the size of the bouquet and any additional services, such as special frames or glass enclosures. You have the option of framing it yourself or purchasing my package which includes a frame.

Preserving your bouquet – after the wedding:

  • It's important for me to receive the bouquet in prime condition. Flowers received right after the wedding or event have the best chance at drying with best results.
  • Do not put flowers in the freezer
  • Do not put water on the bouquet flowers, only stems in water

If too much time has passed since your wedding day or event, and I receive the bouquet in less than prime condition, this would involve the purchase of the same flowers & reconstruction of your bouquet. Please email me photographs of the bouquet so I'm able to recreate it exactly as it was on your wedding day.

Please read my payment information

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