What is floral preservation?

Floral preservation is the process that extracts moisture from the flowers, sealing colour and natural shape.

How do I care for the flowers before they are dried?

Supply your bouquet with a water source to keep themn from wilting. Do no put water on the flowers, only stems.

Keeping the flowers in a cool place in your home is best. Never put fresh flowers into a freezer or in a gridge close to a freezer.

If you are sending your flowers with a courier, contact Petal Art for more information about safely packing your flowers in a proper shipping method.

How soon should I get my flowers to you?

As soon as possible, after the wedding, funeral service, or special occasion. The fresher your flowers are, the better they will preserve. Do not hang your flowers upside down or put them in the freezer. It is best to keep flowers in a cool place (not freezing!).

How does Petal Art preserve flowers ?

We off the pressed style of preservation.

We use several types of flower presses, depending on the flower needing to be preserved.

Flowers are taken apart petal by petal and placed into a press and dried. It can take two to three weeks to dry, depending on the flower type.

Once dried, flowers are recreated petal by petal to give a resemblance of fresh flower. Some colour enhancing will be done to help flowers keep their beauty for a long time. Otherwise, natural flowers will tend to lose their colouring and turn various stages of beige and brown.

We offer the pressed style of flower preservation

Preserving your bouquet consists of photo documenting of fresh bouquet. Dismantling bouquet flowers, petal by petal, and placing in various types of flower presses, depending on what works best for each flower.

When dry, the petals are recreated to form a resemblance of original flower. Colour enhancing may be done to help flowers maintain a similar colour to when fresh. The flowers and leaves are then arrange onto a matt, vacuum sealed and framed.

Do flowers change colour and can all flowers be preserved?

Yes, most flowers can be preserved. Some are more challenging than others.

The age and the condition of the flowers at the time we receive them plays a role in how well they are preserved. Due to the nature of a drying flower, preservation will cause some colour changes.

Some whites dry a creamy colour and some others like red flowers dry quite dark.

Colourizing treatments are done to try to bring flower colour back as close as possible to fresh, but not guaranteed. Flowers received in poor condition can be replaced at minimal charge.

Will flowers still look like they did on the day of the event?

Your flowers will be preserved using the pressed flat style. The colours will deepen during preservation. White flowers will have a tendency to turn cream and eventually beige. Colours like reds will turn darker into burgundy, pinks will deepen into various shades from hot pink to purple, depending on the flower variety.

Some colour enhancing will be done to help hold natural colouring of flowers and leaves. But are not guaranteed to be same colour as fresh flowers but every attempt to come as close as possible will be made.

Do you provide floral preservation for all occasions?

Yes! We provide preservation for Wedding bouquets, Sympathy, Memorial tributes, Anniversaries, Proms, Graduations, Births, Announcements, or any special occasions.

Preserving any amount of flowers is possible, whether it’s a single rose, a corsage, or a larger collection of flowers. Contact Petal Art for information about your special flowers.

How much does preservation cost?

Preservation of a wedding bouquet is $200.00.

This includes processing your bouquet to go into presses, colour enhancement, artistic arranging of flowers, vacuum sealing and framing.

Framing is an additional cost depending on frame size and moulding.

Prices range from $150.00 to $550.00.

A $100.00 deposit will be required when fresh flowers are delivered for preservation.

After a decision is made on frame choice, full payment must be made prior to ordering the frame.

Adding one item to your framed keepsake – e.g., a photo or invitation – is free. Adding additional items is $30.00 extra.

All items being framed with flowers must be flat.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes we do. We stand behind the quality of our work. Workmanship and materials are guaranteed for 90 days from the date the keepsake is picked up. Petal Art will not be responsible for loss of flowers or any frame or encasement, due to fire, storm, flood, or any circumstances beyond our control. Keepsakes that are broken after they have left our studio are not guaranteed or warranted. We do not warranty against scratches, fading, or moisture damage.

How long will it take to get my keepsake?

The preservation and framing process can take up to 10 to 16 weeks from the time we receive your flowers and confirm your order. Your flowers are carefully handled through more than 10 detailed procedures to become your custom – crafted wedding or special occasion keepsake.

Due to variables involved with each customer and their orders, Petal Art reserves the right to extend this time frame as needed

How long will my flowers last?

Under normal conditions your keepsake will last many years.

It’s up to you as the customer to do your part in taking care of your heirloom.

In general, keepsakes, like fine pieces of art, should be kept away from direct sunlight and excessively humid areas. Your flowers should also stay behind protective glass or plexiglass to protect them from any humidity, dust, or other environmental factors that may cause break down over time.

We include care instructions with every finished product so that you know how to protect and take care of it.

We use UV protected museum quality glass in our framing for added protection. It is recommended that you use gentle microfiber clothes for cleaning.

Will you preserve just the flowers without mounting them in a keepsake?

To properly take care of preserved flowers, they need to be placed into a keepsake frame as soon as possible. We cannot make available preservation without framing.

The frame helps maintain longevity, protecting from dust, moisture, UV light, and insects. The framing is done with a special process of vacuum sealing.

Can I use my own frame?

Sorry, no. We only use frames available through Petal Art. Frames need to be a specific depth, which are not easily available.

Can I bring in my own display case?

Sorry, no. Due to liability reasons (if we break it!!) we do not accept outside display cases. Petal Art will be happy to create your bouquet to fit into your own display case, just tell us the dimensions. Or for you crafty people, we will give the flowers back to you and you can design them yourself in your own case.

Some people just place them in their own china cabinet or a beautiful glass vase.

When do I need to select my keepsake display?

For bridal bouquets, you will need to select your keepsake display within 30 days from the date your flowers were delivered for preservation. Payment for your keepsake is taken at time of order.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, click on the link to contact Petal Art.

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