Petal Art Card Design

My interest in making cards started in my teens. Seeing my mother’s beautiful collection of pressed wildflowers inspired me to develop my skills.

As a hobby in my adult years, I joined online art groups who shared similar interests.

I would also search for books and magazines on the subject and admire and learn from the articles.

One of my magazines highlighted Heidi Garnello, who created enchanting petal people with her flower petals.

I fell in love with the idea and started making my own petal ladies.

The worldwide pressed flower guild, started by artist Kate Chu, has been a great source of learning and inspiration. I have remained with her group for several years.

My card inspiration started as a result of being part of this art community.

The Process

Creating a card design starts with ideas from various places.

Sometimes it starts with inspiration from other forms of art. Other times I just design my own unique artwork.

With a blank card in front of me, tweezers in hand, a collection of pressed flowers beside to my side, I start placing individual leaves, vines, and flowers on paper, grouping them together so they look like they are growing in a garden scene.

When I’m satisfied with my design, I use very tiny amounts of school glue on the back of the flower. Then I dry the design overnight and cover with protective film before sending finally sending out for reproduction as the cards you see on this website.

I very much enjoy the whole process of searching for flowers and leaves, drying them, and creating art from them.

For me, it’s a beautiful art form.

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